There are great advantages of having chewable nugget ice at your fingertips. That is because nugget ice is of a unique shape and is always slow to melt, it is soft and chewable and has always been a favorite form of ice with many beverages. Moreso, since nugget ice will dispense much easier than traditional cubes, it also will blend much quicker and therefore will displace liquid better that any other form or shaped ice. KOOL-IT now brings you our high volume Model KND-300-A nugget ice and water dispenser perfectly suited for C-Stores, restaurants, and certainly the healthcare sector (physical therapy, assisted living, etc.) Our nugget ice dispenser delivers 300 lbs of ice production daily. Why this a clear choice and consumer favorite in your establishment!


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Availability:5-7 business days
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Model Number:KND-300-A
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