Seiko has made it easy for you to secure financing for any of our products in a flexible an affordable way through Vend Lease (VLC). Vend Lease is a direct-funding source with over four decades of experience working with organizations in the restaurant & hospitality sector.

If you are looking for financing, Vend Lease will create flexible programs and cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

How does the process work?

First, you will need to request a quote through this link so we can tell you the exact price of the products you are looking to buy, including shipping and taxes ($2500.00 minimum is required for financing with Vend Lease). With the exact amount available, you can fill out a financing application with Vend Lease through this link.

Once your application has been approved, Vend Lease will contact us directly to make the payment.After funding has been received by Seiko, we will quickly process your order and contact you to communicate estimated delivery date and shipping details.

Vend Lease typically takes less than 24 hours to review and process your application.

The advantages of financing with Vend Lease:


Disclosure: Vend Lease is a third party financing organization.As such, Vend Lease reserves all the rights to approve or deny credit applications.Seiko has no participation or capacity to influence in any of the credit approval decisions made by Vend Lease.