At Seiko, we’ve streamlined the financing process to make it convenient and cost-effective for you to acquire any of our products. Thanks to our partnership with Approve by Kwipped, Inc., you can access flexible and affordable financing options.

Approve is a specialized platform dedicated to providing financing solutions to customers by collaborating with a network of competitive equipment finance companies.

How does the process work?

Select Your Product:
On our product page, there’s a button to apply financing for the chosen product. At checkout, another button lets you finance the entire cart, including taxes and shipping.

Financing from the product page might not include shipping or tax. A $1500.00 minimum applies.

Fast & Convenient:
Once you apply, Approve swiftly connects you to top lenders. You’ll receive offers and additional info via email.

Smooth Transactions:
After approval, the lender coordinates payment with us. Seiko then processes your order and updates you on delivery and shipping.

For added convenience, begin your direct application below